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Welcome to my website and blog. I love scale models and I enjoy sharing the experiences, tips, tricks and techniques I've learned over the years with my fellow modellers


Let me tell you a little about me and this blog thingy. I like building military aircraft. I used to build modern planes a lot, but lately I've gotten into World War Two subjects. I find them fascinating, interesting and beautiful. Before you start judging me and my tastes in killing machines, let me say that this is not a political site. I don't build stuff because I prefer one country's politics over another. I build aircraft for the sheer enjoyment of it, and as vehicle for artistic expression. No more no less.

The point of this blog is to show you how I build my models and hopefully, you and I will both learn from this exercise. I'll try to show you a few tricks and techniques I've learned in the years I've been doing this. I'll share you triumphs and failures with you because that's just the way things sometimes work out.

Be sure to check out my store where you can buy and download PDFs of how to build museum quality models. You can also purchase one of my fine surgical grade diamond burs for precision grinding of plastic resin and soft metals.

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